TENANTS: Clean home, clean head. Start 2021 afresh with a deep clean – why wait until the Spring?!

Now that the Christmas decorations are packed away for another year, your home is probably looking a little lifeless and dull. We often make bold resolutions about how we’ll improve things for the year to come – so why not start with sprucing up your home. A sparkling house will lift your mood and set you up for a great year ahead.

Here are our tips for a successful pre-spring clean…


Get rid of old magazines, letters and bits and bobs that are lying around. Recycle as much as possible. Having a good clear out gives you a great sense of achievement and will pave the way for the all-important cleaning frenzy.

Check your tools

Have you got everything you need? Cleaning products, rubber gloves, dusters and a mop? Discount stores are great if you need to pick up any equipment.

One room at a time

Depending on how much you have to do and how big your home is, you might need to split the work down room by room. You’ll find the transformation more rewarding if you focus all your efforts in one place.

Work high to low

Dust and fluff will fall to the floor as you clean, so don’t vacuum first. Start by cleaning the insides of your windows, then dust the tops of cupboards, tables and windowsills. Don’t forget your skirting boards too! Make vacuuming your last job.

Take it steady

Cleaning can be quite demanding exercise, so don’t give yourself too much to do in too little time! Take breaks for a drink or a snack. You might find it easier to focus on upstairs one day, and downstairs the next.

Blitz the bathroom

Bathrooms really benefit from a regular deep clean, and a neglected room can often be where money is lost off a rental deposit. Scrubbing showers and tiles can make a huge difference to the appearance of your bathroom and is well worth the elbow grease. If you have a glass shower screen, once you’ve got it clean invest in a squeegee to use every day – it helps avoid the build up of water marks and limescale.

Your kitchen is key

Kitchens can be a deposit drainer too. Hobs used regularly without turning on the extractor fan can often make kitchens very stinky. Disinfect and scrub the cupboard doors, worktop, extractor, splashback and windowsills - all the areas where grease can take hold and smells stick. Open the windows to ventilate the room for a decent period of time and invest in a great hob cleaning solution and soft textured cloth to get the hob polished back to its best! Alternatively hire a cleaning specialist to do the hard work for you - they cost anything from £35-65 per oven and hob clean.

Venture out

January’s not a great time to be outside, but a few outdoor jobs can transform your home. A tidy in the garden, cutting back overgrown bushes and sweeping up leaves can make all the difference. Be sure to clean the windows too, to let more light in to your newly sparkling interiors.

A good cleaning spree can work wonders: giving you a sense of achievement and renewed pleasure in your home. Even better, you’ve saved yourself a job for spring!

Please remember that at the end of your tenancy you’ll need to do a deep clean of your home to have the best chance of getting all of your deposit back. So the more you keep on top of the chores throughout the contract, the less mammoth the task you’ll face in the end. Enjoy the scrubbing!