Five Features to Look for During a Rental Property Viewing

Looking for a new place to live can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for! The first step is looking online for properties that meet your criteria, but the most important phase of renting a house is attending the initial property viewing. This is your opportunity to get a feel for the place while asking your letting agent any questions you may have.

Remember - properties often look and feel slightly different from the photographs; even the very best property photographs can’t capture the true essence of a house or apartment! That’s why it’s so important to view the property in person, making sure it has the following:

Modern bathroom and kitchen appliances

Bathrooms and kitchens are common pain points for tenants, so pay particular attention to these parts of the property when viewing it for the first time. Kitchens and bathrooms with modern appliances are ideal, as you can typically expect to pay lower utility bills for houses with energy-efficient white goods.

High levels of cleanliness

Viewing a property gives you the opportunity to check how clean it is. If there are tenants currently living in the property, you may need to be forgiving of dusty shelves or floors that haven’t been mopped - however, it’s important to look out for any signs of long-term negligence. This includes mould and damp but also extends to issues like stained carpets or unpleasant smells.

Well-maintained fixtures and furnishings

Maintenance is another key factor to consider when attending a property viewing. If the window frames are rotting away, wallpaper is peeling back and the kitchen cupboard doors are splintered and cracked, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

Natural bright light

How many windows does the property have? Is there plenty of natural bright light in the bedroom? Does the bathroom have a window for natural lighting and ventilation? These are just a few things to check during a property viewing, as you’ll often find that houses with lots of natural light and plenty of fresh air are more comfortable places to live.

Local amenities and green spaces

When viewing a rental property, it’s also important to scope out the local area. You may end up living there for a year or more, so it pays to look around to see which amenities are available nearby. If you don’t have a car, it’ll be particularly convenient if there are shops and bus stops within walking distance, so this is something to consider. You may also want to look out for local parks and green spaces, especially if the property doesn’t have a garden!

At Progressive Lets, we want to make it easier than ever for tenants to find brilliant rental properties to suit their needs. In fact, we want to find the perfect place for you to live in. To start your property search or to find out how we’re helping tenants like you find their dream home, get in touch with us today.