How to find trusty tradespersons

Its something every landlord dreads: your tenant calls you at 11 pm to tell you there’s a major leak in your flat. It’s urgent, they’re stressing, and you need a plumber fast…

At times like these, you need to have a trusty tradesperson on speed dial. So how do you find these diamonds in the rough, and who do you need to have on your list of contacts?

Essential contacts

The most important areas to have covered are plumbing, gas, and electricity. Issues with any of these can endanger your tenants, so you need to have some good contacts in these fields. 

Don’t wait until you have an emergency – as soon as you set up as a landlord, make it a priority to get to know a good plumber, electrician, and gas engineer.

Digging out the diamonds

The best way to find a household hero is by recommendation. Ask your friends, colleagues or your social network for recommendations.

If you don’t have any joy with this route, there are websites to try like Trustatrader and Ratedpeople where traders are rated by their customers. 

Once you have a few names on the list, give them a call to explain your situation and that you’re looking for someone to rely on. Encourage the tradesperson to be honest about how available they can be at short notice, as there’s nothing worse than thinking you can count on someone when really you can’t!

Bag some backup

When you’ve identified the main players, there are a few others to add to your squad. If you can identify someone who can handle some of the random requests, you’ll really be ahead of the game. 

Things like fixing a broken door handle, mending a fence, even changing a spotlight… It might be that you’re capable of these quick jobs yourself, but have you got the time and do you really want to be doing this?

Look out for ‘Odd Jobs’ flyers through your door, notices in the local shop or ads on Facebook if you want to have a handy helper on your books.

Stay looking good

Other very useful contacts to have on your phone are a good cleaner and decorator. You might have a short gap between tenancies where a thorough clean or a décor update will ensure the next tenants really care for your property.

Delegate all the hassle

Of course, there is a way to avoid those anxious phone calls altogether – it’s one of the main reasons that many landlords appoint a letting agent like Progressive Lets.

Clients that select our full management service benefit from a lot of support. For example, we carry out regular inspections that mean we can pick up quick-fix maintenance issues before they become a bigger problem, and where major or urgent maintenance is needed we have an established list of trusted traders to call uponWe get quotes and follow up to make sure all the work is completed as planned.

We also offer an out of hours service for our tenants, meaning that if an emergency occurs in the early hours of the morning, there’s always a reliable contractor available to attend and make your property safe and limit any damage. And this is all in addition to the important services of finding and vetting tenants, managing their rental payments and deposits, and regular contact throughout their tenancy. 

…it makes you think perhaps the trustiest tradespersons are Progressive Lets!