Four Questions to Ask When Viewing a Rental Property

If you’re a prospective tenant looking for a property to rent, you’ll likely be attending a fair few house viewings. Searching for the right place to live and finding a property that meets your needs can be stressful - especially if you’re on a budget. Below, we’ve put together four questions to ask when viewing a rental property to ensure it meets your requirements.

How much are bills and council tax?

The cost of bills and council tax could make or break your decision, so it’s important to ask whether bills are included in your rental payment or not. If bills are not included, ask roughly how much each one is so that you can work out the overall budget.

You should also ask about council tax. Rates vary across the country and different properties fall under different council tax valuation bands. Each local authority charges a monthly cost for each different band, so it’s important you know how much this is.

How long is the contract?

Many tenancies have 12 month lease agreements. However, some landlords offer short-term agreements (such as six months), so it’s still important to ask how long the contract is. It’s also important to find out what happens once the contract ends - will it roll over into a periodic tenancy?

When is rent due and how is it paid?

Rent due dates vary, but it’s important to know when yours is. Many tenants expect to pay rent at the start of the month, however, this is often not the case - and therefore you’ll have to plan for this. If you’re living in a shared property, ask whether the monthly rent payment needs to be paid separately or communally.

What local amenities are nearby?

While the property may be perfect, your surroundings may not be. Ask about local amenities and what to expect in the local area. Ask about transport links, local shops, restaurants, gyms, schools and parks. After all, there’s no point moving into an affordable property if you’re going to have to fork out on taxis to get to and from everywhere!

At Progressive Lets, our aim is to find you the perfect place to live. Simply contact us with details about your requirements and a brief overview about your current living arrangements and employment status. From here, we’ll find you some suitable properties to view. For more information about how we can help you, visit our website.