Landlord Or Tenant Looking For Lettings In Corby?

Searching for a place to call home in Corby before Christmas?

At Progressive Lets we always have plenty of quality lettings in this part of the UK. Perfect for tenants and landlords who need not only a quality property, but a supportive team, we can help you rent a property that truly feels like home.

Corby is just over an hour away from central London and a highly affordable place for commuters who are looking for plenty of space for their money. The town has recently been named as the fastest growing borough outside London.

Once known as ‘Little Scotland’ thanks to the large number of Scottish workers, Corby has undergone a huge regeneration process in the past decade, including a new 450-seat theatre, public library and the opening of a railway station.

It is likely it will also enjoy further redevelopment in the future, with plans for new leisure facilities.

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Progressive Lets have many quality lettings in Corby, so whether you’re a landlord looking to invest in a property or a tenant looking for their next home, simply get in touch today.