Co-founder & Managing Director

Start date: September 2012   
Likes: Spending time with family, achieving the unachievable and digital technology   
Dislikes: Seafood, clutter and bad smells 
Hobbies: Driving fast cars, playing with gadgets and investing in property!
Favourite holiday: Edinburgh  
Interesting fact: I have eleven toes… nah, just kidding!

Wayne is East Midland’s answer to property management. His hard work and high standards of service have gained him a fierce reputation within the regional lettings market. He knows what it takes own and manage a profitable portfolio himself, because he is not only a successful investor and landlord, but co-founder and “hands on” managing director of Progressive Lets.

His interest in property began in his mid-teens. By the time he was 18 Wayne had bought, refurbished and rented his first buy-to-let deal. Shortly afterwards he started his career as a property manager and during his early 20s was instrumental in setting up one of the most recognised local lettings agents of the noughties, where he managed an agency with over 450 properties for almost a decade.

Now in his 30s, Wayne runs his own company, Progressive Lets which is UK ALA registered, part of the Property Ombudsman and a corporate RLA member. The business was formed in 2012 with Progressive Property co-founders, Rob Moore and Mark Homer and is Peterborough’s fastest growing  independent agency. Wayne employs ten staff who between them have over 60 years’ lettings experience and manage more than 700 units across Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.

If you have met Wayne then you will know he is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and detail-orientated property specialists around. He knows how to find property "goldmine areas", create instant cash flow and long-term investments. He knows how to market a property so it gets maximum exposure, generate the highest amount of income from the lowest amount of investment and has lots of great tips on how to reduce voids and minimise costs when setting up a rental.  

Wayne is passionate about property, always up-to-date on the latest legislation and regulations, and takes great pride in building great, long-lasting relationships with customers. His down to earth, straight-talking approach is often referred to in the industry and by those who know him well as ‘exactly what it says on the tin’.

Operations Manager

Start date: January 2013
Likes: Friday feast, my white Mercedes E-class convertible and products by Michael Kors        
Dislikes: Rats, cheese and Harry Potter 
Hobbies: Zumba, watching films and reading
Favourite holiday: Ibiza
Interesting fact: I'm one of ten siblings. TRUE!

Steph is responsible for overall management of the front office and day to day operations. Her job is multi-faceted, but her primary role is to make it possible for the lettings team to work efficiently and effectively together. She is responsible for managing staff, processes and procedures, developing new and existing business, monitoring performance and increasing team productivity. Coaching, training and team development are also other important aspects of Steph's role, as are embracing and promoting the company's vision, mission and values, nurturing client relationships and improving customer service.  

Head of Marketing, Communications & Design

Start date: February 2015   
Likes: My pooch, Margo (she's amazing!), my MacBook and Environ facials
Dislikes: Snakes, a dead phone battery and laziness  
Hobbies: Meditating, researching design ideas and traveling with my fiancé
Favourite holiday: South of France
Interesting fact: I have thrown myself out of a fixed wing plane at 13,000 feet while attached to a world champion base jumper in Australia.

Gemma works part time for the business. During her two day a week she is responsible for building and protecting a strong brand as well as delivering the company's annual marketing and communications plan. Almost all internal communications, PR, media relations, brand and reputation management, social media, off and online marketing activities and creative projects are produced and/or managed by Gemma. In addition, she organises and oversees the monthly staff meeting, team building activities and company events. Gemma also assists Wayne and Steph with company recruitment, strategic planning, and customer service and staff initiatives.


Sourcing & Developments Manager

Start date: May 2016
Likes: Football, films and holidays
Dislikes: Snakes, cold weather and mince pies
Hobbies: Watching films, listening to music and attempting to play golf
Favourite holiday: California
Interesting fact: I have climbed over the top of the O2 arena.

Adam heads up our Sourcing & Developments company. He manages property refurbishments and conversions for new and existing single let and HMO investors/landlords. This involves re-designing floor plans to maximise space, acquiring refurbishment quotes, project managing contractors, coordinating and sourcing furniture packages, writing new property descriptions and creating listings for advertising and marketing purposes.

Negotiator & Administrator

Start date: April 2016
Likes: Misty my dog, going away in my campervan and sunshine
Dislikes: Spiders, rainy cold weather and rude children
Hobbies: Knitting, learning how to crochet and holidays
Favourite holiday: Mexico
Interesting fact: I have pink hair!

Fay works as our full time Negotiator. She is responsible for booking viewings into the electronic diary, showing prospective tenants around properties and managing administrative tasks such as answering the telephone, dealing with walk-in customers, processing rental payments, chasing late payments and helping resolve maintenance issues. Fay also assists Gemma with marketing activities such as property launches and open house events.

Start date: March 2017
Serviced Accommodation Manager

Likes: My dog, Henry - he is a crazy cocker spaniel, watching Friends and going on holiday.
Dislikes: Tuna, people who don't have any manners and snakes!
Hobbies: Going to the cinema, walking my dog and spending time with my family. 
Favourite holiday: My honeymoon in New York.
Interesting fact: I was a passenger in a sidecar charity ride around the race circuit at Donnington Park, and have never been so scared!

Natalie manages serviced accommodation (SA) here at Progressive Lets. She carries out all SA day to day management, which includes dealing with bookings, ensuring guests have check-in information, coordinating SA cleaning, and arranging and overseeing maintenance work. In addition, Natalie generates single let issue notices, court paperwork and supports our Operations Manager with other important administrative duties.


Lettings Administrator

Start date: Oct 2016
Likes: Travelling, festivals and nice cold beer.
Dislikes: Warm beer, aeroplanes and spiders!
Hobbies: Reading and learning to play guitar.
Favourite holiday: Thailand - Kao Tao
Interesting fact: I went travelling around Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Micaela is responsible for arranging and booking property viewings, referencing prospective tenants to ensure they qualify to rent, and providing landlords with pre-vetted applications so they can make informed decisions about who to let their most important asset too. She also arranges move-ins and helps resolve maintenance issues quickly for tenants and landlords. In addition, Micaela carries out administrative tasks such as answering telephone calls, responding to emails and dealing with face-to-face enquiries.

HMO Lettings Officer

Start date: October 2017
Likes: Arsenal, spending time with family, Space and conspiracy theories.
Dislikes: Smoke, loud noises and being woken up.
Hobbies: Playing sports - preferably football.
Favourite holiday: Peru - never been though! So it would have to be Egypt.
Interesting fact: I’ve had an out of body experience and I’ve recently turned vegetarian.

Kieron manages our HMO room marketing via online sites such as SpareRoom and EasyRoomMate. He ensures room enquiries are responded to in a timely manner and that room advertisements are updated regularly and look appealing to prospective tenants. With a keen eye for detail, Kieron is highly skilled at dressing rooms and taking great marketing photos, which gives landlords a real advantage when it comes to letting their rooms quickly and to quality tenants. He follows up prospective tenant room enquiries, arranges viewings and books them into our electronic diary so our Negotiator, Fay can carry out viewings smoothly. In addition, Kieron uploads and monitors the progress of new room applications and referencing via our application platform, GoodLord and deals with lots of other important tasks, such as collecting rental payments from tenants, re-listing rooms and managing tenant maintenance issues from start to finish.

Property Manager

Start date: April 2019
Likes: The films of Quentin Tarantino, Cider (the stronger the better!) and Tattoos.
Dislikes: Rats, early mornings and red onions.
Hobbies: Playing drums
Favourite holiday: Turkey
Interesting fact: I stay up to watch The Oscars every year - until 5am!

Callum manages our portfolio of single lets here at Progressive Lets. His duties involve carrying out routine property inspections, dealing with day to day maintenance enquiries and making sure properties are ready to move in to. He also completes thorough inventories, final inspections and other important administration tasks.

Lettings Administrator

Aaron forms part of our important front line customer service team, but also helps carry out inspections alongside our Property Managers. He schedules property viewings, arranges move-ins and helps resolve maintenance issues for tenants and landlords too. Aaron is responsible for a number of other administrative tasks as well, such as taking telephone calls, answering emails, assisting customers face-to-face and responding to property enquiries.

Start date: September 2020
Likes: Food , reading my bible and spending time with my fiancee.
Dislikes: Empty fridges and cockroaches
Hobbies: Song writing, gym and staying active
Favourite holiday: Thailand
Interesting Fact: I taught and lived in China for almost 3 years and I can speak conversational Mandarin.

Office pooch

Start date: April 2015
Likes: Food, lots of fuss, long walks and playing ball!
Dislikes: Loud bangs, warm drinking water and being left on my own...
Hobbies: Learning new tricks, exercising with my daddy and offering unconditional love to staff and customers - I'm told I'm great therapy!
Favourite holiday: Going to stay at my grandparents 
Interesting fact: My ears are as soft as velvet...